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  • Should I use a Registered Migration Agent of applying for a visa on my own?
    Registered Migration agents are professionally trained and qualified in Australian immigration law. They are required to undertake regular professional development to ensure their knowledge of immigration law and policy is up to date. Their strong understanding of immigration law and policy as well as their skills and experience in preparing and lodging visa applications will help ensure the applications are fully complied with immigration department. Registered Migration Agents will also ensure the visa application and the supporting documents are relevant and accurate so that the applicants meets the eligibility requirements for the visa.
  • Do you provide consultations outside of standard business hours?
    Yes, we provide outside office hour consultation with necessary appointment set up in advance.
  • Can I make appointment for consultation outside office location?
    Yes, Consultation can be arranged outside our office at pre-arranged location such as Cafe, Library or suitable other locations to client.
  • Will I get refund or money back if my visa application is refused?
    No, visa proffessional fee for migration agent service are non refundable and visa application fee for Department of Home Affairs are normally non-refundable either except in a very limited and rare circumstances are granted. Our proffessional service fees are charged based on the work we perform and the services we provide and not based on the outcome of the visa application.
  • Can you guarantee visa approval?
    As a Registered migration agent, we are abide by the Code of Conduct set up by MARA - Migration Agent Registered Authority, which is the body who oversees our professionality and by Law, Registered Migration Agents are not allowed in any case to guarantee the sucess of an application. In practice, it is solely Department of Home Affairs through their case officer who is assigned the case will decide to grant or refuse a visa application.
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