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Code of Conduct

This page lays out our binding regulation that we, as Registered Migration Agent has to abide and comply by the rules set out by OMARA 

How the code works

The Code of Conduct(the Code) for Registered Migration Agents(RMA) sets out qualities and abilities registered migration agents which must be on the Register. It also sets out requirements that RMA work with clients in a professional and ethical way.

The Code directs RMA as follows:

  • Interact with clients

  • Communicate fees and charges

  • keep records and handle client's money

  • work with other agents

  • Work with our employees 

  • Respond if a client complaints about us

We wouldn't breach the Code as OMARA as the oversight body may and will discipline us. 

In any case that OMARA decide to a disciplinary action as warranted, there are consequences as follows:

  • Caution us and set conditions to have the caution lifted

  • Suspend our registration and set conditions to have the suspension lifted

  • Cancel our registration

  • Bar us from registering as a migration agent for a period of up to 5 years

Section 314 of the Migration Act 1958↗︎ established the Code.

The Code is set out in Schedule 2, of the Migration Agents Regulations 1998↗︎.

Download the Code of Conduct for registered migration agents (423KB PDF)↗︎.

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